Adults Learners Are Working for You: Just-in-Time Learners

Adults inherently prefer to learn new concepts and skills at the point when they are most relevant, which means their attention is greatest when the skill is being (or about to be) applied is a real world situation (or a simulation thereof). And in the modern work environment where most employees have plenty of items on their task list every day, this preference for just-in-time learning is intensified. For those who are teaching, this highlights the need for practical application of skills and concepts in the work environment. 

There are ample opportunities to practice relevance in a farm setting where tasks can change on a daily basis. 

Don’t assume that participants will connect the dots and understand exactly how the skills and concepts will apply to their world; tell them, show them and require them to do a teach back. Find a “teachable moment” so that participants can apply the skills and concepts immediately.  Remember that if the learner didn’t learn, the teacher didn’t teach.

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