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Human Resource Management Services

Kristine can help set up your internal HR system and HRM processes from Recruiting and Hiring, to Performance Coaching and Corrective Action.

Step One: HR Evaluation to identify gaps in knowledge, skills and best practices. Together, you’ll create an HR Plan to address the deficiencies in your operation. Contact Kristine today to get your HR Self Evaluation!

Step Two: Organizational development consulting and coaching to get clarity on your culture, employment brand, and identity. This required step will ensure integration through the entire range of HRM practices.

Step Three: Customization of resources and assistance in setting up internal systems for recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and performance coaching.

The Ideal HR System

The order of tasks within this process is important. You cannot solve labor and employee issues by skipping steps or addressing a single step in the process, such as providing Employee Handbooks, without completing the other steps first. In my flowchart, the success of your HR system hinges on the interactions between the interdependent parts.  Remember, a bad system beats a good person every time!

If you skip steps in the process, the resulting system will lack integrity and only cover up the symptoms without addressing the underlying problems. Your business will have integrity and be healthy when it is whole, consistent, and complete; that is, when its management, operations, strategy, and culture fit together and make sense.

If your hiring manager can’t communicate the company culture, then he or she also can’t identify a good fit for a job, role or function. When an employee isn’t a good fit with the company’s culture, he or she quickly becomes disengaged and eventually leaves.

The leader must achieve alignment and clarity around identity and brand first, then devise a recruitment strategy that attracts candidates who function well in that type of environment.

You have achieved Employer of Choice in your community when…

  • applicants are eager to work for you.
  • other people envy your employees.
  • you receive unsolicited resumes.
  • your most talented workers stay with the company throughout their careers.

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