Knowledge Navigators

Transforming people, teams and organizations

Knowledge Navigators, is an organizational development firm that understands adult learners. We develop participant centered strategies that incorporate coaching, consulting, facilitation, and Wiley workplace solutions. All sessions are facilitated by Kristine Ranger, M.Ed., a nationally recognized thought leader.

Session One: Navigating Tough Discussions

Two-way communication is important in every aspect of our lives, but sometimes we are reluctant or unable to have critical conversations — especially when we are dealing with tough topics, toxic people, or stressful situations. Strong communication skills are key to maintaining healthy leaders, cohesive teams, and productive relationships. This is the first of a two-part series to learn about communication realities, our natural responses to conflict, and why we communicate and act the way we do when threatened or under duress.  Audiences:  teams, managers/supervisors, advocates, leaders, sales/customer service.

Session two: Navigating Conflict

Conflict is inevitable and a normal part of life, however, people respond to stimulators in a variety of different ways. Too often, when placed in a stressful situation, our knee-jerk responses can get the best of us and damage relationships. In this session, we will dig deeper into the sources of conflict, including triggers or hot-spots, and other behaviors that illicit productive, unproductive, or even destructive responses. At the conclusion of this two-part series, you will have knowledge, skills, tools and strategies for navigating conversation and conflict in your everyday interactions. 

These sessions are customized for your needs, but this series requires a minimum of  two-2.5-hour sessions for content delivery and one follow-up coaching session to ensure retention and application in the workplace.  If you add an Everything DiSC Productive Conflict (self-assessing, self-scoring e-profile) for each participant, please add 1.5 hours to one session.

We address the soft skills with hard core strategies! Say Yes and Know!