What I do

Agricultural Business Consultant In Michigan

Kristine Ranger specializes in agricultural business consulting, human resource consulting, and organizational development.

She will advise and coach your leadership team to define your culture and increase your knowledge. Together, you’ll identify and implement processes and solutions that will grow and sustain engagement, performance, and growth.

In other words, she addresses soft skills with hardcore strategies, including:

  • Consulting with organizational leaders to improve systems.  
  • Coaching leadership teams to get clarity on guiding principles and aligning it with HR strategies.
  • Facilitating group problem solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, and strategic planning.
  • Building cohesive work teams that have high trust, productive use of conflict, high commitment and demonstrated ability to hold each other accountable for shared results. 
  • Designing and delivering educational programming and coaching using intentional practice.  
  • Designing and assisting with the implementation of HRM tools and processes (handbooks, hiring forms, job aides, etc.).
  • Teaching listening skills, self-management, and management of others (emotional intelligence), sales skills, management and leadership skills, team skills, and others for improved relationships and business outcomes.
  • Advising organizations on adult learning techniques so that content is practical, retained and applied. 
  • Guiding families in overcoming obstacles related to farm succession planning.
  • Communicating and anchoring change management initiatives.

Other (Community Food Systems Consulting)

  • Help people grow their own food; help institutions grow and procure local food; promote local economies.
  • Project and grant management and evaluation services.

She will inspire you to learn and grow and become the leader you’ve always wanted to be. There isn’t anyone who can teach and set a better example of leadership than Kristine Ranger.

For more information on agribusiness consulting services, call (517) 974-5697 today!

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Saint Johns

Grand Ledge