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AgHR Specialist

Kristine Ranger brings HR to you. HR2U. Right to your farm or business.

Given her extensive background in agriculture, Kristine can quickly identify your people challenges, your skill and knowledge gaps in HR, and your organizational growth needs.   If this is what keeps you up at night, her step-by-step process is the right solution for you because farming is more that cows and plows and HR is more than hiring and firing!

With practical advice, tools and assessments; better practices and onsite coaching; you and your team will quickly learn how to attract the best talent and manage them so they want to stay with you for their entire career. Adopting a hire, inspire, retire cycle will position you as an Employer of Choice in your community.

Let’s be honest: AgHR is in a predicament. There is a war for talent and we cannot continue with BAU, or Business as Usual!  There is not an easy solution and this approach is not what you learn in HR 101, but Kristine teaches you how to capitalize on human resources from a systems perspective.  In a system, it’s not the sum of the parts, but rather the relationship between the parts that improves the overall system. Ready to learn more?

Collectively, all businesses need HR to help them optimize their ability to perform and compete, but AgHR needs to be couched within an overall retention strategy that includes upward mobility and succession options.  Farmers are aging. middle managers are retiring and good employees are frustrated. As Dr. Deming famously said, “A bad system beats a good person every time.”  Changing the system changes how people behave and perform!

Guided by Kristine, you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate your current HR practices and develop a playbook for measuring and monitoring progress. Having an HR Playbook helps you allocate your resources to the right place at the right time.  
  • Achieve clarity on core business principles that are aligned and consistent with your HR practices.
  • Position your business to compete for talent.  
  • Develop high performing, cohesive work teams that have high trust, productive use of conflict, high commitment and demonstrated ability to hold each other accountable for shared results. 
  • Coach for improved performance.
  • Use hiring and HR management tools such as E
  • Create and use employee handbooks, rubrics, job descriptions, job aides, checklists and disciplinary forms.
  • Plan and conduct better staff and team meetings.
  • Remove obstacles related to finding a successor.

There isn’t anyone who can navigate this process better than Kristine Ranger, your Knowledge Navigator. Together, you’ll assess your people, processes, practices and policies to arrive at real-world solutions that create a WINN culture in your operation.  Her “HR Management System” is a win for you and a win for your current and future employees.

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