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Philosophy and Approach

Philosophy and Approach

If you focus on building productive teams and individual or organizational competencies through continuous improvement, you’ve come to the right place. At Knowledge Navigators, we believe that every organization, and every person within that organization, has positive aspects that can be identified and amplified in the coaching process. 

With Kristine’s evaluation experience, she can examine questions like “What’s working well?” and “How are we making a difference?”

In the information age, knowledge is key to improving performance.

At Knowledge Navigators, everything is measured to determine what changes are needed or what changes took place, in the recipient of our services.

We don’t train people; we teach people to think!

Adults learn best from a facilitated learning process and deliberate practice. Kristine’s role is to serve as that facilitator, or Knowledge Navigator, using proven adult learning methodologies to engage the learner, instill confidence to think out loud, and most importantly, to enact changes in behavior. Those changes will not happen overnight. People must relearn, or even unlearn bad habits and behavior in a structured process. 

How do we support learners and their change in behavior?

Our teaching approach is based on the principles of deliberate practice. A series of learn-practice-learn, with a feedback loop, enables individuals to become practitioners in their assigned roles. We utilize the four elements of deliberate practice in our educational process:

• The person focuses on a well-defined task.

• The task is at an appropriate level of difficulty.

• The person receives informative feedback from a supervisor or coach.

• The person has opportunities for repetition and correction of errors.

With Kristine, shift happens!

To improve your overall business environment, creating a Culture for Engagement and Retention can help you implement desired changes.

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