Virtual Recruiting

Are you hiring? If so, this is a critical time to ensure that your brand and culture accurately reflect who you are. You want those “career achievers” who do their homework, who talk to current or past employees, and who are seeking congruency in your advertised position and your company identity. Analyze if your Identity (the way you want to be perceived) matches your Image (the way you are perceived by others) and the Reputation that is reflected online. Your reputation positively or negatively influences your brand identity, which ultimately impacts your recruiting efforts. In today’s virtual recruiting world, you must assign the role of Social Media Coordinator and use a communication calendar to ensure that milestones are aligned with hiring needs. Secondly, confirm that someone is responsible for screening posts and comments and responding to questions and concerns. “Social” media is your opportunity to engage with prospects and to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy employer. Respond to negative feedback in a positive, caring manner and verify that all posts are aligned with core values. The likelihood that the most qualified candidates are looking at the same time that you are hiring is low, so refine your recruiting strategy now and continue beyond C-19.