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Succession Planning: The Struggles of a Client

HARRISVILLE — For Jerry Kahn and his long-term partner, Michelle Glazier, it’s time to pass down the farm. Their days of raising rainbow, brook and brown trout are behind them. However, a respiratory disease stands in their way — COVID-19. What seemed like a conclusion just weeks ago is now rearing its ugly head in […]

Aim High. Your Target is Not Out of Reach

In my work, I have discovered that the first obstacle for many organizations is the lack of a clear aim. Without an aim, an organization does not exist. Without an aim there is no purpose for existence.  Likewise, without an aim for an HR system, there is no understanding of how HR can support the […]

Appreciation for an HR System

A system view of any organization views the flow of the processes to create products and services. As a systems thinker, I follow the work of Dr. Deming, who used a flow diagram to teach how the interrelated parts of a system contribute to the success of the whole.  I created a flow chart  to […]

The Management Dilemma

A 2019 SHRM survey of why employees leave can be directly correlated to either Micro- Managers or Neglectful Managers, including the top reasons of unrealistic expectations, being overly critical and not listening to others. How one defines these types of management styles can vary according to the perceptions and needs of the person directly impacted, […]

Virtual Recruiting

Are you hiring? If so, this is a critical time to ensure that your brand and culture accurately reflect who you are. You want those “career achievers” who do their homework, who talk to current or past employees, and who are seeking congruency in your advertised position and your company identity. Analyze if your Identity […]

Upward Mobility as a Recruiting and Retention Tool

When implementing your HR system, it is critically important that you begin with the end in mind. Taking time to consider how to include upward mobility, or the opportunity for employees to “climb the ladder”, in your farming operation could save you time and stress later.  The ability to advance from an entry level position, […]

Lessons from the Little Red Hen

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the expression “take them under your wing”? I can tell you from personal experience that this particular piece of advice has been adapted from the farm, and for good reason. Last week, just after we finished culling our poultry flock and I successfully convinced the kids that […]

Adults Learners Are Working for You: Problem Solvers

Adults don’t have to be spoon fed.  You can present them with a business challenge, a bit of teaching regarding the resources and technology available to them, then tell them to figure out a way to address the issue quickly and effectively. Given the time, resources and the support they need to solve the problem, […]

Adults Learners Are Working for You: Just-in-Time Learners

Adults inherently prefer to learn new concepts and skills at the point when they are most relevant, which means their attention is greatest when the skill is being (or about to be) applied is a real world situation (or a simulation thereof). And in the modern work environment where most employees have plenty of items […]