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Adults Learners Are Working for You: Problem Solvers

Adults don’t have to be spoon fed.  You can present them with a business challenge, a bit of teaching regarding the resources and technology available to them, then tell them to figure out a way to address the issue quickly and effectively. Given the time, resources and the support they need to solve the problem, […]

Adults Learners Are Working for You: Just-in-Time Learners

Adults inherently prefer to learn new concepts and skills at the point when they are most relevant, which means their attention is greatest when the skill is being (or about to be) applied is a real world situation (or a simulation thereof). And in the modern work environment where most employees have plenty of items […]

How to Drill Down for Greater Learning & Accountability

One of the most difficult skills to learn and implement in the workplace is that of holding others accountable. For specific tips, please download and read my article entitled, “Holding Others Accountable” (download here) In the ideal workplace, everyone holds everyone else accountable to agreed upon actions, norms or improvement efforts. Cohesive teams do this […]

Blood, Sweat and Gears

What is it about people and their cars that makes you see red?  On recent trips to S. Carolina and Texas I encountered drivers who thought they ruled the highway, the parking lots and the side streets –yelling or gesturing when I unintentionally bumped their car door with mine, or honking when I didn’t move […]

What Teaching Taught Me

While creating my web content, I was guided by the wisdom of Dean Spitzer, author of “Transforming Performance Measurement”, in rethinking how we measure success.  One item that struck a chord for me was understanding the difference between evaluation and performance measurement.   As a former teacher, I have some strong views about measurement – […]

What Kind of People Do You Have?

Do you recognize any of these people in your workplace? Employees are responsible vs. employees who are given an inch – then take a mile. Employees who want to contribute and do good work vs. employees who do just what is required. Employees care about their teammates and the company vs. employees who feel that […]